25 JAN
Moving to Om Sai City? Here’s Some Reasons Why You Will Love Living Here!

One of the most expensive, quaint neighborhoods of Palwal is Om Sai City. The city has rich historical and cultural roots which are sprinkled with some of the oldest houses in the city. In many ways, Om Sai City is a fine mix of the old and new, and this is one of the things which has endeared it to people seeking Flats, Villa, Apartments for sale in Om Sai City.

There are several nice places in Palwal, India as a whole, but Om Sai City, Palwal rubs shoulders with some of the best without losing its traditional appeal. For those of you who are considering moving to Om Sai City, below are some reasons why you will enjoy living there:

1. Accessibility To Palwal City Centre

The number 1 reason Om Sai City is one of the most coveted places to stay in Palwal, is due to the fact that it is very well developed and easily connected to the main residential spots in the city centre, near to Solaka Railway Station. Food, Commercial Establishments, Shopping and Offices, or School for the newer hotspots, none can match living in Om Sai City and being able to zip zap across the city with ease for multiple requirements.

2. Green Cover

Palwal as a city may not be famous for its green covers and it has been reported at having the lowest among all the metropolitan cities in the country. However, Om Sai City seems to be excluded from this bad repute, as it has the highest green cover in Palwal of over 30 percent which makes this part of Palwal very comfortable to reside in.

3. The Safety

I doubt you have ever heard of serious mugging attacks or heinous crimes nearby Om Sai City despite it being a melting pot of almost all cultures, religions, castes and races. This is one factor which makes Om Sai City extremely safe to relocate to, especially for persons coming with their entire family. Getting a house for sale in Om Sai City means you get to enjoy considerable peace of mind, contrary to what you can get into, in some other parts of Palwal, Haryana.

4. The Culture

Om Sai City is a place of non-stop fun, and you will find available drama, classical music concerts, quizzes, spelling bee contests, Dhamal dance shows, art exhibitions, movies and painting exhibitions. You will find at least one of these on show every single day in many of the several auditoriums in Om Sai City.

5. Excellent Infrastructure

Om Sai City is one of the most expensive places in Palwal with the average price of a house for sale in Om Sai City at affordable cost and pay in monthly installment. One of the major reasons for the price of real estate in Om Sai City is the quality of infrastructure found here which includes an excellent transportation system, portable water, good roads and a working government. These are but a few of the factors which a lot of people put into consideration when moving to a place and Om Sai City scores high in all these.

6. It’s Less Congested

Despite its thriving metropolitan environment, one of the stand-out features of Om Sai City is that it manages to be uncrowded, and this is commendable especially for persons looking to relocate with their family there. The roads are well-structured, and there are multiple means of transportation like 3 different Metro stations, and a Bus Depot which allows for less-crowded areas.

7. Good Schools

Om Sai City is home to many good schools which include the DAV Public School, one of the oldest and biggest schools in the region. Others are the Delhi Public School, Kendriya Vidyalaya, The Govt Senior Secondary School, Vidya Mandir, Bharath Senior Secondary School, Sankara Senior Secondary School & Junior College, Women College and more.

8. Health Care

One of the Best in India, Doctors practicing in Om Sai City are very knowledgeable and take responsibility for your life. Health care is great in Om Sai City, and very few places in India have health care as good as Om Sai City.

We hope this article helped you clarify why Om Sai City is a great place to live!

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